Optični sprejemniki

  • Low HF-output level
  • Connection of few ONH to the optical CATV-network (FTTH)
  • HFC and RFoG networks
  • Extremely low noise optical receiver
  • Constant RF output level at wide optical input power range
  • OLC function based on optical input power
  • Interstage attenuator and slopeOptical
  • input power indicator and monitoring LED’s
  • RF input and output test point
  • Ultra Low noise DFB- laser with isolator in burst mode operation
  • Internal WDM filter US/DS wavelength for RFoG-Application
  • Wavelength available from 1270nm to 1610nm at CWDM grid to avoid OBI
  • Remote controllable in DS & US due to FOSTRA-F receiver module

Več o optičnih oddjanikih si lahko preberete v tem PDF dokumentu